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Cape Cod Medical AlarmReviews

We’d like to think that we offer the best, most reliable emergency response products around, plus unmatched emergency response care. But don’t just take our word for it; read for yourself what actual customers have to say about their experiences with Cape Cod Medical Alarm!


I only had my Medical Alarm for 11 days when I fell down 5 steps and needed help, and now I don’t go anywhere without it. Believe me it saved my life.

Bonnie D,

Client Since 2011

It makes me feel like I am not alone. I can get help in a matter of minutes. The person on the other end is always polite, patient and gets all information about me.

Yvonne S

Client Since 2010

I was in severe pain that prompted me to press my Medical Alarm button…On both occasions, I didn’t feel able to call 911 on my own. It was a relief to have someone answer and make the calls to the paramedics and my niece…I am grateful that this service is here for me. Thank you to all your staff!

Helen K

Client Since 2011

I never thought I would need it but my Daughter was right…Thank you for helping all us old people keep our independence. Many thanks.

Jane C

Client Since 2007

I pressed my Connect America alarm to call for help. You came right on the line and told me that help was on the way. [The paramedics] did come right away, within minutes…I live alone and now do not have to worry if I fall or need any other help…The paramedics took good care of me, as did you all at Connect America!

Barbara B

Client Since 2011
Client_Testimonials_Case_6 (1)

I did have occasion to use your service recently when I had a severe attack of diverticulitis in the middle of the night. It was necessary to get help and call an ambulance. I have been grateful for your service and feel more comfortable having it with me.

Leone Leone S

Client Since 2010

What a life saver! Just a very short time after acquiring our unit, [my husband] needed help four times in a month: two times for a fall and twice to the emergency room. I could not have received more prompt efficient assistance.

Ann Ann S

Client Since 2011

Dad fell early this am. He is okay but cut his earlobe and has a little goose egg right behind his ear. He tried to straighten out a towel and lost his balance which he realizes now he had no business doing. But I tell ya, the best investment I have made (and believe me when I say I have spent mucho), is Medical Alarm. This is the button on his wrist that he pushes and they call me. This probably has saved his life ten times over.

Linda Tirabassi (Daughter)

Alfred Tirabassi, Client Since 2013

I was in the middle of my living room floor and there was no way for me to even crawl to get to the telephone let alone get up to pick the phone up. My rollator was also tangled in my legs so I could not move without getting hurt worse. I was weak and scared and without the Medical Alarm I have no idea how many days or weeks I would have laid there probably till I died. Your Medical Alarm gives me comfort and trust and I know all I have to do is push the button and if I cannot answer they will send me help. Last week I fell the day after my husband came home from being in the hospital for 3 weeks. I had fallen in the bathroom and again no way to get up and it scared my husband because he knew he was not able to help me. I pushed my button and when the operator came on again I was able to tell her what had happened and who to call. Your service is a very valuable gift to me, without it I would probably have died in my rural home because I can not get up when I fall and get hurt. Thank You so much for saving my life more than once.

Janet Deason

Client Since 2012

On May 12, I fell in my home and struck my head on a sharp corner of the piano. My head was bleeding profusely and I couldn’t get it to stop. When I pressed the Medical Alarm button there was an immediate response, the emergency squad was notified along with my caregivers and family. The emergency crew came promptly, followed procedure for entering into my home and evaluated my condition. They transported me to the hospital and waited until my caregivers arrived to be with me. The doctor tested for brain injury, stitched up the gash on my head and released me. I was very pleased with how well the system worked.

Virginia Tennant,

Client Since 2012

I have used your services twice & experienced quick & great service both times. I never take my bracelet off and feel a lot more secure knowing I can get help quickly if needed.

Ann Esposito

Client Since 2011

I woke up in the middle of the night & I couldn’t breathe. I used my alarm and 10 minutes later they were here. They took me to the hospital with pneumonia. I live alone & I am 94 years old.

Arsilia Lapointe

Client Since 2011