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Medication Dispenser


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Med-Ready Medication Dispenser

The Med-Ready conveniently utilizes AC power, but in the event of an outage, or short-term travel, switches automatically to rechargeable batteries. Med-Ready is tamper-proof to provide the maximum in security. instead of employing a latch, our system utilizes a real lock and key, and the edges are secure. With access by key-only, caregivers can load the Med-Ready and monitor patient compliance. The Med-Ready is equipped with an extra large LED read-out and is easily viewed from any angle. The LED read-out is also self-illuminating so it can be seen in all lighting conditions.

Help manage medication intake with the Be Safer At Home Medication Dispenser and Reminder System. The Med-Ready Contains 28 slots in which to place medication, and can be programmed to dispense up to four times a day enabling it to manage doses for at least seven days, and up to 28 days before needing a refill.

Cape Cod Medical Alarm can provide a Med-Ready to be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with the Base Communicator, as a monitored system (*).

  • Load the medication into the slots.
  • Program the Med-Ready by setting dispensing times to remind you to take your medication.
  • When it is time, the dispenser beeps until you have taken your medication.
  • A lock in the lid will prevent overdosing, and tampering with medication.
  • A convenient clock on top of the unit is easily read.

What Our Customer Say ?

Cape Cod Medical Alarm is the most economical choice, I got the equipment right away and I’ve used my button twice already. I also got a lock box so it’s simple for the police and ambulance to get in. I live alone and I feel safe because of Cape Cod Medical Alarm. 
Rita B


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