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How Cape Cod Medical Alarm Works ?

What is the Medical Alarm system?

The Cape Cod Medical Alarm system provides you access to emergency help wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—so you and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you’re never alone.

Wear our emergency alarm bracelet or pendant at all times, so if you find yourself alone in a crisis situation and all you have to do is push the button to get connected to help directly through the system’s base. No need to struggle to the phone or to dial numbers. You simply get help at the push of a button.

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Using a Cape Cod Medical Alarm System Is So Easy

Your Quick Medical Assistance

Enjoy your independence every day, knowing that if you find yourself alone and needing emergency medical assistance, you’ll get the help you need in 3 easy steps:

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    Push your button.

    Press your Medical Alarm button and you’ll be connected immediately to one of our operators.

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    Talk to us.

    Our dedicated, supportive operator determines the exact help you need.

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    Get help—fast.

    Our operator will make sure you get the aid you need, and even stay in communication until help arrives.


When you get your Cape Cod Medical Alarm system, setting it up is a breeze. You just plug in the base to a wall outlet, connect the phone cord and turn it on. That’s it!