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Cellular Personal Emergency Response Service (MXD3G)

The Cape Cod cellular medical alarm system is for those without a landline telephone. This unit consists of a panic button and the base unit with a cellular antenna.

The panic button is an emergency Cape Cod medical alarm bracelet or necklace. It is waterproof, and worn by the subscriber at all times. When pressed, the panic button activates the medical alarm base unit. An attendant from the Response Center will immediately speak to the subscriber through the base unit's two-way voice speaker. The subscriber explains his/her emergency and the attendant alarm the subscriber's personal responders (family, friend, or emergency services).

What Our Customer Say ?

I fell while getting the newspaper outside my front door, and ended up on the cement behind my hedge. No one heard my calls for help. I pushed my button and within a few minutes EMS was here. In my opinion the money I spend for this service is the best investment I could make.
Martha O

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